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VSU Open University Forum

Winston at Kansai, Osaka, Japan
VSU Open University (VSU-OU)
by Winston Tabada - Tuesday, 23 April 2013, 06:44 PM
VSU Open University (VSU-OU)

The Open University (OU) at VSU is to provide quality distance-study programs in agriculture and allied fields through distance learning to government employees and other individuals engaged in agriculture and rural development activities.

Learning Resources

The OPEN UNIVERSITY (OU) offers Master of Agricultural Development (M.Ag.Dev), a non-thesis masters' degree program with the following major fields of specialization:

  • Agricultural Education
  • Agricultural Extension
  • Agronomy
  • Animal Production
  • Language Teaching

These major fields of specialization can be taken as minor fields. In addition, Agricultural Economics, Development Communication, Plant Protection and Food Science and Technology are presently offered as minor fields under M.Ag.Dev.

Interested parties may opt to take either of the following schemes: SCHEME A (Annual) and SCHEME B (Semestral)

Faculty Strength

Doctor of Philosophy = 22

Master of Science = 12

Admission Requirement

Applicants seeking admission for graduate study must be a holder of a baccalaureate degree with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.00 or equivalent. However, applicants with a GPA lower than the prescribed rating may be admitted on a probationary status. Applicants are also required to submit the following requirements:

  • Accomplished application forms (GS Form No. 1);
  • Candid Appraisal from at least two (2) persons, former professors and a supervisor (GS Form No. 2);
  • A non-refundable application fee of P100.00 or $10.00 in postal money order remitted to Leyte State University;
  • Certificate of English Proficiency or an acceptable score in TOEFL for for foreign applicants;
  • Seven (7) copies of Personal History Statement (PHS) and notarized affidavit of support authenticated by the Philippine Mission Abroad (PMA) for foreign applicants. PHS forms can be secured from the University Registrar or the PMA.

Course categories

 Graduate SeminarSummary
 Land Resources Management, Access and Benefit Sharing
 Land Administration ManagementSummary
 Technologies for Geodata Collection, Analysis and InterpretationSummary
 Land Administration ManagementSummary
 Rural Development Theories and ApproachesThis course requires an enrolment keySummary
 Research Methods
 DemographyThis course requires an enrolment key
 Land Administration and Management
 LAND ECONOMICS AND VALUATIONThis course requires an enrolment keySummary
 Fundamentals of Development Broadcasting
 Rural and Urban Land Use PlanningSummary
 Land Administration and ManagementThis course requires an enrolment key
 MOODLE Training for Online Graduate ProgramSummary
 Communication and developmentSummary
 Advances in Plant Growth and Development
 Land Conflict ManagementSummary
Basic ICT Literacy 
 HRTM135 - Information Technology for TourismThis course requires an enrolment keySummary
 CS 131 Introduction to ComputersThis course requires an enrolment key
Programming Courses 
 CS 141 Computer Programming (Visual Basic)This course requires an enrolment key
 CS 132 Computer ProgrammingSummary
 CS 134 Principles of Computer ProgrammingThis course requires an enrolment keySummary
BS Computer Science 

First Year 
 CS 22 Foundation of Computer ScienceThis course requires an enrolment key

Second Year 
 CS103 : Computer Programming (using Linux g++)
 CS 112 Data StructuresThis course allows guest users to enterThis course requires an enrolment keySummary

Third Year 
 CS 133 : Object Oriented Programming (Java)
 CS 123 Computer Organization and Assembly Language ProgrammingThis course requires an enrolment key
 CS 135 Visual Programming
 CS 136 Structure of Programming Languages This course requires an enrolment keySummary
 CS 113 File Processing and Database SystemThis course allows guest users to enterThis course requires an enrolment keySummary
 CS 138 Software EngineeringThis course allows guest users to enterThis course requires an enrolment keySummary
 CS 139 Operating SystemsSummary

Fourth Year 
 CS 143 - Web Programming
 CS 147 : Automata and Languages TheorySummary
 CS 145 Principles of Compiler DesignThis course requires an enrolment keySummary
 Training on Computer and Internet Literacy
 PhilNITS FE Examinations ReviewerThis course allows guest users to enter
 Writing in the discipline This course requires an enrolment key
 Computer Science Online ExamsSummary
 NCIV Programming ReviewThis course requires an enrolment key
 PC Maintenance and Recycling TrainingThis course allows guest users to enterThis course requires an enrolment keySummary
 Rural Development Theories
 Problems and Issues in Agricultural and Rural Development
 Principles and Methods of Teaching Agriculture
 Curriculum Planning and Development
 College Teaching
 Social Challenge and Educational Development
 Non-Formal Education in Agricultural
 Advanced Administration and Supervision
 Personnel Administration
 Principles of Education
 Educational Psychology
 Test, Measurement and Evaluation
 Advanced Educational Psychology
 Special Problem
 Graduate Seminar
 Principles, Methods and Strategies in Extension
 Rural Leadership and Group Dynamics
 Rural Social Systems
 Teaching Farmers Classes in Agriculture
 Extension Strategies for Rural Development
 Communication in Extension
 Para-Professionals in Adult Education
 Evaluation in Adult Education
 Leadership and Organization
 Planning and Administering Extension Programs
 Social Science Research
 Social Science Statistics
 Special Problem
 Graduate Seminar
 Cropping Systems
 Forage and Pasture Crops
 Field Crop Production and Management
 Manuring of Field Crops
 Physiological Aspect of Crop Production
 Applied Field Crop Physiology
 Advanced Cropping Systems
 Advanced Forage and Pasture Management Utilization
 Advanced Cereal Production
 Fundamentals of Farming Systems
 Soil Fertility and Fertilizer
 Advanced Soil Fertility
 Applied Animal Health
 Dairy Production
 Feeds and Feeding
 Poultry Production and Management
 Swine Production and Management
 Advanced Swine Production
 Advanced Poultry Production
 Ruminant Production and Management
 Advanced Ruminant Production
 Non-Ruminant Nutrition
 Ruminant Nutrition
 Advanced Animal Breeding
 Reproductive Physiology of Farm Animals
 Special Problem
 Graduate Seminar
 Field Plot Techniques and Experimental Designs
 Related Activities in Language Teaching
 Introductory Linguistics
 Second Language Teaching for Special Curricular Programs
 Techniques in Advanced Composition
 Teaching Reading
 Teaching Speech
 Special Problem
 Graduate Seminar
 Marketing of Agricultural Products
 Project Feasibility Studies
 Economics of Agricultural Marketing
 Script and Program Planning for Community Radio
 Communication and Rural Change
 Educational Communication Technology
 Communication and Development
 Organizational Communication
 Sensory Evaluation of Food
 Food-Borne Infection and Intoxication
 Advanced Meat and Poultry Processing
 Principles of Plant Protection
 General Plant Pathology
 Research Planning and Manuscript Preparation
 Integrated Pest Management
 Biological Transmission of Plant Pathogens


The premiere university of Science and Technology in the Visayas.


Provide excellent instruction, conduct relevant research and foster community engagement that produce highly competent graduates necessary for the development of the country.

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  • 23 Apr, 18:44
    Winston Tabada
    VSU Open University (VSU-OU) more...
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