The course Chem 132.2 is the first edition of a printed instructional material (IM) written by the author in embracing this ‘New Normal’ brought about by COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the limited time, the authors were able to produce this quality standard IM with patience, perseverance and diligence as his/her contribution to education just so “No Viscan will be left behind”. I am certain that the long years of teaching experience enabled him/her to gather valuable notes, reading materials and mnemonics to make the teaching of Biochemistry (Laboratory) easy to follow and understand. It gives emphasis on application of safety precautions in the laboratory and identifying the properties of biomolecules through experiments.

This Learning Guide in particular is important as it provides the basic knowledge on the biomolecules. It serves as a strong foundation to the subject or as a prerequisite of the course in high school chemistry that the student shall take in the following semester.

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An overview of biomolecules.....

Principles and applications of thermodynamic laws in physical and chemical equilibrium systems; electrochemistry, transport properties, chemical kinetics and surface chemistry