The course is a study of mathematical logic that covers topics such as propositions, logical operators, rules of replacement, rules of inference, algebra of logic and quantifiers, and methods of proof. It also includes a discussion of the elementary theory of sets such as fundamental concepts of sets, set theorems, set operations, functions, and relations. It prepares the students for higher/advanced mathematics (Number theory, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra)

This course is designed to provide fourth year students with the understanding of the role of teacher as a person and as a professional within the context of national and global teachers' standards and educational philosophies. This will also include professional ethics, core values, awareness of professional rights, privileges and responsibilities as well as the teachers' roles in the society as a transformative agent of change. This is capped with a reflection paper as the culminating course outcome while the progressivist philosophy used as the lens by which the learning enviroment is realized.