This course will introduce students to the Philippine Indigenous People Communities. It will help them understand the heterogeneity and diversity of the Philippine society. Specifically, the students will have a clear perspective with regards to the concept of being indigenous, as well as the challenges attached to it. The course will also orient the students with regards to existing international and national policies involving Indigenous Peoples. Moreover, they will explore the lives of the IPs from pre-historical period to the present. Most of the topics will focus on the contemporary time wherein IPs experience displacement, social injustices, prejudice, discrimination, culture change and development.

The course is divided into three major parts: Unit I seeks to give the students a holistic understanding of the Indigenous Peoples from a global perspective to local. Unit II crystallizes Philippine Indigenous Peoples by looking at the national laws and policies and the historical evolution of IPs from pre-colonial period up to the present. Finally, Unit III examines various issues that directly confront IPs in the Philippines as they continue to struggle for right to self-determination.