This course introduces the concepts of new literacies in the 21st century as evolving social phenomena and shared cultural practices across learning areas. The 21st century literacies shall include (a) globalization and multi-cultural literacy, (b) social literacy, (c) media literacy, (d) financial literacy, (e) cyber literacy /digital literacy, (f) eco-literacy and (g) arts and creativity literacy. Field based-interdisciplinary explorations (ex. observation in mathematics, Field Studies) and other teaching strategies shall be used to develop PSTs’ teaching skills to promote learners’ literacy, and critical and creative thinking skills. Pre-service teachers shall develop skills in using appropriate teaching strategies and resources, including the positive use of ICT, to address learning goals.

This course deals with exercises on chromosomal basis of inheritance, structure of genetic material, and Mendelian and Non-Mendelian inheritance. Physical and chemical basis of heredity and variation, structure, transmission, distribution, action, and change of genetic materials, concept of probability, regulation of gene expression, and human chromosomal abnormalities are the main concepts in the discipline of genetics, which are given emphasis in this course.  

This course includes temperature and heat, thermal properties of matter, the law of thermodynamics.

This course allows the students to appreciate literary pieces all over the world. It reflects diverse cultures, beliefs, traditions, etc. that improve their cultural awareness and respect for the people around them. It ignites their understanding of the world and humanity. In addition, students will be exposed to various literary pieces that allow them to improve their knowledge of literary analysis.